When do we add new services?

We are constantly evaluating new services to add to Franz.

If you're missing a service in Franz, feel free to tweet us @FranzSupport or drop us a support ticket.

Comments here are welcome but we might miss something, so if it's important - do the above! 😀


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    A general password to open Franz. Avoid someone use your messenger while having the laptop open.

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    Hi, was here to suggest the same above. 

    Maybe Viber can be cool. 


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    Fraser Smith

    Would love to see WeChat added to Franz. With 650million users (Nov. 2015) and an existing web interface, it should be a good contender.

    There's already an Electron based version ( so it's obviously doable.


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    Olga Huang

    LINE’s global registered users hit the 400 million mark on April 1st, 2014

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    Web version of "couple" would be cool to add

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    k abas

    copy and paste not work in the program. tried to copy a webpage address and paste it. didnt work for any messaging service

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    Yanick Landry

    I think your app is amazing but I feel there should be more social networks, even a way to add your own maybe ? I am doing testing on multiple social networks and that would be awesome to use them all : 

    WeChat, Line, KokoaTalk (big in Korea), QQ, Weibo, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, BBM (Black Berry).

    I believe they all have web versions so that should be possible to add them all.

    Thanks again for this awesome idea !

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    Fernando Akimoto

    Hi, I like to suggest add Zulip web messenger.


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    Djalma Araujo

    Please, add  !!!!!

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    Justin Larsen

    I agree with Shonari having the Couple web app would be awesome. Also consider Avocado which also has a web app 

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    David Chang

    I would also +1 Shonari's Couple web app recommendation; I use this service for hours every week.

    If we could integrate Twitter and some IRC support (perhaps through, that would be great as well.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Thomas Boerger

    For me Gitter ( is the last missing part to combine all my messengers.

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    Cesar Krischer

    I would like to have the same shortcuts that we have in Safari (for example: ctrl + tab to change between tabs and cmd + + or cmd + - to change the font size.

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    Bravo for this great app.

    Vibes would be really nice!


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    Can't find the voting possibility so I'll repeat what's been posted previously. Viber would be awesome :)

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    Thanks for this great app. 

    I'd love to have the possibility to add mattermost accounts.


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    Such a great app! 
    Please try to implement also viber. <3 

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    Nico Staple

    Airbnb. As a host I get a ton of messages daily and I have multiple accounts I manage so would be nice to add it to the Franz suite of services so that I have a central place to view them all.

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    Oddvar Lovaas

    Hi there, cool app! We at are trying to do something similar, albeit by proposing a free and open communication protocol rather than collating all your accounts into one app. It would be great if Franz could talk Matrix! 

    It's great to see how quickly your app gained interest - shows that people are getting fed up with the fragmented state of messenger/chat apps we have today!

    If you want to try out Matrix, there's plenty of clients:  - I'd suggest trying something like 

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    Joakim Sköld

    Hi there!

    I just started using Franz and I really like what you've achieved this far. I use a IM network called GroupMe( and I'd really love seeing it in Franz soon.

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    Marvin Kramer

    IRC Support would be awesome :)

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    Ruben Koopman

    Hi Franz! would be amazing!

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    Diogo Castro

    I'm loving Franz. The only service I'm missing is Skype for Business, previously known as Lync:

    I also second Thomas Boerger's request for Gitter.

    Great work!

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    Christian Versloot

    I would love to receive Gmail notifications in Franz!

    And maybe Twitter DMs / mentions?


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    Alberto Dudech

    A way to run Franz through a proxy (essential for those of us living in China/etc. who want to access Messsenger/etc.).
    Even better (but I understand it might be trickier), a way to enable/disable proxies for each enabled service (e.g. WeChat/Skype doesn't need a proxy, but Telegram/Messenger do, etc.).
    Keep up the good work! (and maybe go open-source for a faster growth :P )

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    It'd be great to have an IRC client available.

    Kudos for the app! It's great :)

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    Alexander Kotenko

    Please, add a messenger ;)


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    Chris Lipman

    Love this app!! Viber & Line pls if possible!! :)

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    Is it possible to add the transition to a new line by ctrl+enter?

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