Mac OS X: Having issues upgrading Franz to the latest version?

Some people have reported problems when (manually) upgrading Franz from version an older version to the latest.

If you've downloaded the latest version and are upgrading from an earlier version, you might see a message like one of these when you try and run Franz after installing to your Applications folder:


If you do there are a couple of things to try, firstly and very simply:

#1. Log out of your Mac and back in again! (Or just restart your Mac if that's easier.)

Then just try and run Franz as normal from your Applications folder. Hopefully it should just work as normal.

If that doesn't help then you may need to check your System Preferences...

#2. Check in your System Preferences that your Mac is allowing apps downloaded from outside of the Mac App Store:


Restart your Mac, then try opening Franz from your Applications folder as usual.

If that still doesn't help - drop us a support message and we'll try and assist.

During the beta development process of Franz, sometimes we have to change things "under the hood" which can sometime have undesirable side effects like this. We hope you can bear with us during these little trials! 🐻



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