Mac OS X: Problems? A clean uninstall & reinstall might help. Here's how.

If you're experiencing problems with Franz on Mac OS X and updating to the latest version (download from has not fixed it for you, then it might help to perform a complete uninstall before installing the latest version.

Please note - you will have to re-login to each of your services in Franz if you do this!

You can uninstall everything manually but we recommend using an uninstaller tool as it makes life much easier. We like AppCleaner (it's a free download too!) but there are others if you prefer.

  1. Quit Franz.
  2. Open AppCleaner (or your preferred alternative).
  3. Drag-and-drop the Franz icon (from your Applications folder) onto AppCleaner. It will then list what it is going to uninstall for you. (Be careful here and make sure you only dragged the Franz icon in!)
  4. You can now click the "Remove" button and Franz will be fully uninstalled from your computer. (You can now quit AppCleaner.)
  5. Download the latest version of Franz from our website and install as normal.

Either way, please do let us know that you've experienced problems with Franz. We're keen to make Franz as good as it can be. We've got a lot planned for future versions and we're evaluating what we can work into the next updates, so feedback is really appreciated.

...And we love to chat! :)


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    Hello, first of all congratz on this amazing app!! I would like to report a bug, i've tried on 3 computers and all the same problem, the problem is with the wacom tablets, it's not compatible when you try to scroll with the pen I hope it's a easy fix!! looking forward to a possible fix!!  Thanks again for this amazing app!!!

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    I have exactly the same request as Rafaz ^^

    Using Franz for quite a while now and it's absolutely amazing! I just wish there was wacom table support! :)

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    Eugeny Krouglov

    Hi. Thanks for the app, but it keeps crashing if I tried to quite it. Everytime. Re-install didn't help. It as well crushes when I try to check for the updates or when I try to call Franz Support from Help menu.

    macOS 10.12 latest public build, Franz 4.0.4

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    Bernardo Larrosa

    Had to reinstall 'cause I was getting no sound from WhatsApp (videos and voice messages). Thanks for this amazing app!

    Edited by Bernardo Larrosa
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    Mattias Wargren

    Can confirm a lot of crashes on OS X. Every time I quit the app. Skype links does not work either. 

    Keep up the good work!

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    Peter Lewis

    Firstly, this app is fantastic (and has finally empowered me to remove that god awful Skype client developed my Microsoft)!

    Everything about this app works fantastically, the only issue I am having, is like many of the above users, is that when I quit the application in OS X, it advises that Franz has crashed. I'm guessing as it is affecting more users than just me, it must be an issue with the app itself rather than my installation.

    If you could help us we'd all appreciate it :)

    Once again, great app!

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    Mirosław Karczmarczyk

    Hi There, is it normal that there is no indicator on FB either Gmail, Inbox tabs stating there are unread messages? Only Slack works for me :(

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    Artur Diniz Adam

    I'm on OS X 10.11.6 and Franz not only crashes when I quit it. It crashes everytime I change tabs via keyboard shortcuts e.g. [cmd + 1]. Almost all menubar items also crash Franz after a click. 

    Many crashes but Franz is still a great app! I'm looking forward for great updates fixing those problems =)

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    Artem Kholodenko

    A complete uninstall / re-install fixed the crash issue when using keyboard shortcuts.

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    The app is done, the idea was good but  the bad support killed it.

    Edited by Rafaz
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    Natalie Knight

    Hi there, I can't seem to get the Facebook page linked without it continously trying to refresh so I have to disable this. Any clues as to what's needed to resolve this?


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    Simon Scheurer

    Same problem - Franz constantly crashing. Re-install did not help. Every single time I quit Franz or want to open settings => bang. Any update on this? Otherwise I will have to remove it as this is pretty annoying. 

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    Natalie Knight

    Nope a clean install didn't help. It's as though Facebook is blocking it. As this app currently stands it's unusable for me.

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    Katz Ueno

    Clean installed worked for me. Thanks!

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    Andre Gellert

    Worked for me, too. First i was hoping for an update and "lived" with the bug when ending the client, but now i thought let's give it a try, as silly as it did sound.

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    Uzoma Bailey Ayogu

    Keeps crashing. Tume after time. 

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    Thom Bradford

    I was having the same problem as Simon Scheurer. I was able to isolate it to a service (HipChat) that I had disabled.  Once I removed that service from my services.json file, Preferences, Check for Updates, and Quitting all went well.

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